Small Steps to Big Change

Small Steps to Big Change

Hey Whats up people! I hope you are all enjoying your week...

Out of the many goals that want to pursue and come out triumphant is my communication skills, and over this week i kept asking myself this question, 'What is stopping me from becoming a really effective communicator'...'What are those steps that i would have to take to ensure that all my interactions are received effectively and that i get the desired outcome'....

My Guru, Tony Robbins once said, that as we grow old we tend to forget who we are. We start living a monotonous life and a standard pattern. We become scared to act differently to our peers , even if that means that the difference would lead to our development and improvement. He said, 'Out life is a reflection of the expectation of our peer groups'. 

Lets admit it, we are afraid. Afraid of what our parents, siblings, friends, co workers and society might think. In other words we fear that we might lose..and because of this, we don't take that step and accept a life of mediocrity.

I know ..i know...its really easy to read a book, get motivated for a few minutes, say stuff and get back to daily life. But really, i want to take that first step.

I am guilty..i am guilty of trying ..once...twice...thrice..and then giving up...why do i give up?..because if fear that i don't have what it takes..and that people might perceive me differently.

So you may ask, how many times do we try before we give up?..There has to be some limit right?

The answer is really simple. If you believe is a SHOULD, then its really easy to give up. For example. I should go for a run, i should work out, i should complete my project, i should read that book. However, when something is a MUST and feel you really deserve it, nothing can stop you..NOTHING...

I highly recommend watching this video featuring Will Smith:

How many times should i try before i give many times a baby tries to walk until it gives up...

So i am going to put all of this into action. I am going to ask powerful questions to those who have already achieved my goals.

This week i will interview 3 people, who , in my opinion, are excellent at communication. I will ask them how they overcame their challenges and what worked for them. I will also ask them for tips on how to communicate more effectively and the mental attitudes that help them achieve whatever they want to.

In addition, i will post transcripts of my interviews for all of you to read and maybe benefit from it in someway.

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