10 Ways to get motivated to Exercise:

Ok so i signed up for a yearly membership at my neighboorhood Gold's Gym. I am going to surround myself with healthy people, get tips from self starters, change my body and change my mind...

But hey,getting  a membership is just half the battle. It is like getting my foot at the door. I now have to let myself into the metaphorical Room of Good Health!

Have you ever set out to work out early in the morning? You are all excited, you brush your teeth, feel fresh, wear your running shoes, read the newpaper, drink tea, have breakfast and then sit and relax...Then you plan to wake up even earlier tomorrow to work out. Well it sure has happened to me before, so for my benefit and for the benefit of others i have prepared a list of 10 ways by which we can all ensure that we follow through with our exercise plans.

1) Dont read the Newspaper first thing in the morning: Yes, you heard that right. Journalism is a wonderfully industry and has its own ways of keeping you rooted to the content that it has crafted for you. Considering the amount of time you have in the morning, and your plans to work out, the newspaper will not only distract you but at times also lead to a lot of wastage of time.

2) Drink a lot of water: When you wake up, your body yearns for water to hydrate itself again. The act of drinking atleast 3 glasses of water will not only hydrate your body will give you a new lease of energy that you never expected.

3) Fool your mind: No, im not asking you to lie LOL. Your body is really smart, it is constantly planning and strategising ways by which you can avoid pain and gain pleasure. So if you think in your mind that you need to workout for 1 hour , it will automatically send a signal to your brain and in turn your brain will GOOGLE search for ways to avoid that workout or exercise. So instead tell your mind that you will work only for 10-15 minutes! I personally haven't met a lot of people who have said they will work for 10-15 minutes and do not continue longer. Exercising is really addictive!

4) Hold yourself accountable: Share your plans with friends and family. Remember they want you to succeed and achieve your dreams. They will go out of their way to motivate you or atleast remind you that your not following through!

5) Stretch and Warm Up: Your body is like a large sedan. You cant just start the car and drive it across the country. To use the car effectively for years together, before each session, you need to start the engine and warm up the car so that it can perform all thoughout your journey. In the same way, basic stretches and warm up sessions will work wonders and will actually easen your workout. This is one factor that has helped me a lot and makes a world of a difference.

6) Associate massive pain with not exercising: Like i said before, our mind moves towards pleasure and tries to avoid pain, and usually pain is a stronger motivator. So certain visualing techniques in which we associate our not working with massive pain will work wonders. For example. I visualise the extra amount of work that i would have to put in if i miss out this workout. I also imagine fat accumulating all over my body and making me lethargic, lazy and ineffective.

7) Reward yourself: Small reward can go long ways as far as following up with your work out schedule is concerned. For example, you can say that you will buy your favorite book or eat at your favorite restaurant if you follow through with your schedule diligently for 2 weeks.

8) Visualise yourself after your workout session: A lot of people usually associate work out with only physical benefits,ie. looking good, losing fat, getting muscular etc. However there are so many immeditate psychological and hormonal effects that our body experiences immediately after our exercise, the effects for which last throughout the day. Imagine how fresh you will feel. Imagine how good your meetings would go. Imagine how well you will be able to deal with pressure situations and challenges!

9) Incantations: What we say is who we are and ultimately who we become. Now some may feel that this doesn't work or that only people who are a part of some massive motivational cult folow it, but its been practiced by successful people all over the world and it works! So we just dont read them out, you need to really use your body, mind and get completely excited about what your saying, so to speak!


"I am strong, i am fit...i am fast ..im a hit!"

"Every minute and every second..im getting faster and faster!"

"I am lean I am mean...i am a fighting machine!"

10) Raise you standards:

One reason why we tend to give up our plan is that somewhere down in our heart we believe that this is not who we are. If we deeply believe that being healthy is what we are about and is our very innate habit then everything will fall into place.

But what if i still can't do it? :(

The answer then is simple..if you can find a solution yourself...take help!...Surround yourself with people who have already achieve your goals. Be with people who have a very high standard. You will find that you automatically start behaving like them. You will develop habits like those of your peers.

Hope this helps! Let me know if your able to see any results!

This video, i promise, will get your spirits up and make you want to give your very best!

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