Why do Resolutions fail?

Were already drawing towards the first 7 days of the New Year, and something very synonymous with the New Year is a New Year Resolution.  There is something so different about this time shift that awakens something within us to make that change, to make that call, to make that sale and to run that mile.

But sadly, statistics show that although most people are all excited on the first day of the New Year with their goals and action items, by the time its mid February, all the excitement and the zeal to achieve goes down. In fact by the time December arrives, most people are a situation far worse than when they set goals earlier that year.

So here are a few reasons why i feel these Resolutions fail:

1)  Don’t have anyone accountable:
No one wants to struggle towards a goal alone. We need support, and someone to push us through when we feel down. We need someone who can celebrate our success with us. An accountability buddy is someone (or more than one person) that supports you in making sure you meet your commitments. One of the underlying beliefs with coaching is that people who succeed gain support from others. In psychology, it's known as an external motivator. Someone, outside of you, that helps you stay motivated.

2)  Goals are not specific or realistic enough:

It can be difficult to reach goals, but for some people, it can be nearly impossible. It's not that they are incapable of reaching goals; it's the way they go about setting their goals and working to attain them. One problem is that their goals are unrealistic. For example, someone might want to get a cat, but if he's allergic to cats, that's not a realistic goal. Learning to play the Saxophone is a great goal, but expecting to reach that goal in a few days is an unrealistic goal.

3) We don’t associate massive pain with not achieving the goals:

Anthony Robbins talks a lot about the pleasure/pain principle. What is it? Simply put, it's the means by which we run our lives. Various activities that we engage in cause us either pleasure or pain. We continue to do those things that predominantly give us pleasure, and try to avoid those things that give us pain. For example, Losing weight. Those who have successfully lost weight in the past have done so only because they have changed their belief systems and started associating massive pain with eating fatty or unhealthy food and a lot of pleasure with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

That being said, no matter where u are right now or whatever the situation, there is always an opportunity for improvement.There is always a level above you that you need to reach. For every challenge or goal that you want to accomplish the first 100 days is abosolutely critical and will decide how the rest of your year goes. The choice is yours..Do u want to shoot for the stars or move at the same pace?

Trust me..we all have immense fuel in us..Our focus..Our plan and Our determination will decide whether the fuel is used to create a fire that will destroy us or used as rocket fuel to propel us into infinity and beyond...

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