Small but Continuous Improvement can create Empires

Close your eyes..........count till 5.....imagine your goal.....Open your eyes

Close your eyes again...count till 5...imagine you goal with sound ...Open your eyes

Close you eyes another time...Imagine your goals vividly...put yourself in it...visualize that you have already achieved your goals and you are rejoicing...Open you eyes

[This little exercise is essential but not enough to attaining your goals]

One thing that makes a world of a difference is to take small but daily action towards your goals.

We all want to create something don't we? Business Empires, Schools, Social networks or maybe just peace of mind and fulfillment. But seeing such a big achievement in front of us can sometimes deter us and give us the jitters.

The Fact is: Empires aren't created in 1 day. 

But like a famous person said, my daily focus would be just to lay a single brick. I will focus on nothing else but laying that one small brick, but i will lay it in the best way that a brick can possibly be laid.

The secret is out: Lay a small brick on a daily basis and you will be surprised to behold a Palace in a few years or in some cases months.

I started my 100 day challenge on January 3rd 2013. I am almost 30 days into the challenge and until now moment has been exciting and exhilarating.

Let me start with the Reasons why i love the 100 Day Challenge:

1) Highly Actionable, Organised and focused Goal setting mechanism: 

This program gives you opportunity to really understand what your goals are. Moreover, it explains to you the importance of prioritizing you goals and finding out which are the ones that matter to you the most, so that you use all your resources to go after it. It dissects your goals in a way that you can actually understand why you want to achieve the goals you want to achieve. This prepares you both mentally and physically for the results that you are going to see over the next 100 days.

2) Accountability Partner:

The idea behind this program is that we can drastically increase the speed, effectiveness and efficiency of our goal achievements if we hold other people accountable. Lets admit it, its really easy to give up on a goal if you know no one is watching right? So one really amazing part of this challenge is the fact that you can sign up your Accountability partner too and email him/her your goals on a daily basis. This really makes it exciting for the both of you!

3) Forums:

This challenge gives you access to an amazing forum where people discuss everything about their challenges, achievements, breakthroughs and Aha moments. Reading this will bring you to speed whenever your rolling in a motivation slump and need someone to bring you back on track. This is something like a mastermind where people from literally over the world come together to take massive action and create the change that they want to see.

4) Daily Motivational video:

Furthermore, like what i said till now was not exciting enough, you get a daily motivational video in your email. Something similar to a morning charge up session, each of these videos have a particular learning in mind with actionable steps read out by Coach Gary Ryan Blair. This combination of energetic music, success quotes and inspiring words will really push you forward.

But we are all concerned with results aren't we?

So here's a low down of the results i have seen till now:

1) Sales increase of 206% at one of my previosly under performing Stores
2) Got in touch with top Application consultants and current professors at these schools
3) Networked with Alums and current students of my target B schools
4) Multiple Best Speaker awards at Toastmasters Meetings (Club Level)
5) Family ties strengthened. More outings, sharing and stimulating conversations.

This is just the start, and i have 70 days to go. In the coming days, i plan to take bigger steps and bolder actions towards my goals so that i can close the 100 days with a Bang :)

Have you heard of the Pareto Principle?

Well it says that the 20% is responsible for 80% of the change. You can apply this to any thing in life.

20% of the people have 80% of the wealth
20% the things you do determine 80% of the result
20% of the work you do is responsible for 80% of the money you make

Therefor i urge you to go check out this page to determine how you can utilize 20% of you energy and convert it into Rocket fuel!

Are You Up For a Challenge?

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