The Secret Millionaire Blueprint (Week end seminar) -- Learnings and Take-aways:

I got to know about this seminar and about Arfeen Khan through a facebook ad. I just happened to come across the word 'Secret, Millionaire and Blueprint' and was enticed to click on the ad.
I then went onto the site to see the words, "Free" seminar.
After that i came across a picture of Arfeen Khans along with Bollywood Superstar Hrithik Roshan. Now, in the city of Mumbai, which promises everyone a fast life, full of riches and popularity (at least that is what people entering the city think), ads such as the one i saw is usually ignored and not taken seriously. The reasons for this are as follows:

1) Free: People, over the years, have grown to doubt the word 'Free'. Whenever you purchase something at the super market and you get something along free with it, the free gift is usually added to drive sales or is clubbed along to move old stock.

Another, thought that comes to mind when i read 'Free seminar' is that maybe the value addition might not be that great. This is because with the number of brands in the market, each vying for the customers attention, we tend to associate cost with value. In other words, higher priced products usually have better quality and benefit associated with it.

Finally, another reason why a person might avoid such an ad is because of the likeliness of a massively expensive product being heavily promoted at the venue.

However, for some reason i chose to keep an open mind and understand the reasons behind such a marketing pattern. I wanted to find out more about Arfeen Khan and the value that he promised to offer.

2) Bollywood star: Bollywood is associated with glitz, glamour , dreams and aspirations and sometimes people associate this with artificiality. This happened with my friend who was reluctant to attend this seminar.

However, upon checking more details about Arfeen Khan on his website, including topics that would be covered during this seminar i got excited and motivated.

1.The Secret psychology of wealth
2.The Five Major Financial Habits of Millionaires.
3.The Root Cause to all Financial Difficulties and How to Overcome it.

4.The Millionaire's Strategy Of Creating and Maintaining Wealth

To be frank, i have been listening and reading a lot of material by Tony Robbins over the years, most of which i read has helped me in a big way. However, i still had certain issues and concepts to re-learn. This forum , i felt, would be the perfect platform to understand certain concepts which were holding me back.

 The fact that Arfeen had been endorsed by the likes of Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins spurred my conviction about attending this seminar.

To say that i have learnt and experienced a lot would be an understatement. This event has reignited my journey towards personal mastery and development.

Key Take- aways:

1) Your body has many organs, cells and part which are like your employees working at You IncYou need to work effectively in building good relations with your employees. The best way to do so is to 'Get your employees alive and charged up every morning'

Rejoice, sing, dance so that the rest of the day remains action packed..

2) If you can't , you MUST

Life is about taking up challenges and doing something that you haven't before. The reason for this is not about what you achieve but how you transform and evolve as an individual.

So the next time you feel you can't do something. You know what to do!

3) Have a daily morning routine.
Routine with good habits sets a platform for a disciplined and fulfilling life.

Start with a wholesome breakfast..then exercise for a while...write down things that you need to focus on during that day...set off on your action packed daily journey

4) Always have an open mind. 
Never judge anything or anyone without giving it/them a fair chance. Don't make assumptions in a hurry at face value.

5)Always play life at level 10.

In other words, no matter what you are doing or what role you are playing. Give it your best shot and create real value, So that everyone in your presence benefit from the experience called 'You'.

6) Change your references, change your life

Incidences or things that happen to you have no meaning by themselves. It is only the meanings that you attach to them that ultimately have an effect on you.

By changing the meaning you give to an incident or by looking at things a slightly different way, we can use tragic incidences or set backs as learning platforms that will propel us forward on our journey.

Never let a bad experience hold you back from your goals;Change the meaning that you give it.

7)Don't just focus on setting goals. Goal setting on of the last parts in the process towards achievement.

First focus on more basic and essential attributes like your identity, beliefs and values. Once those are clear, everything will fall into place. In such a situation, you can see your goals very clearly and achieving results will be comparatively easier.

8)There is no failure, only feedback

9)Create an environment, to create your future

Your environment determines your experiences, your attitudes towards life and your general well being, so choose your environment wisely and according to the goals that you want to achieve.

10) Never jump to conclusions and never try to make amends on the surface level. First find the root cause and solve it.

11) In your pursuit towards your goal, there might be many set backs. Be smart and learn from your mistakes and if possible learn from those of others. Whenever your make a mistake, quickly regroup, learn and get to action once again.

Keep repeating the process till you achieve success!

These were some of the things that i learnt during this 'Free' seminar. So the next time that you come across something free, think twice; It might actually be a blessing in disguise!


  1. The secret to making money isn't working at a high-paying job.You will be millionaire of few days.You can earn easily huge money in home.Its a easy way of earn money to find fast jobs


  2. Hey Kakon,

    Thanks for taking your time out and sharing your thoughts..

    Well, i agree long lasting wealth is better than just finding a high paying job. I am currently focusing on wealth management and investment. Do share your thoughts on alternate income streams if any.

  3. Hey when did you attend this seminar. Whats the website for Arfeen Khan. I couldnt find any information on Arfeen Khans website? Whats your take on Arfeen Khan from this seminar?

  4. First off, thanks for taking your time out to read this article.

    The website is

    Here is my take. If you go to a seminar and expect a massive change suddenly then it may not work. This is because results are greatly determined by focused action. Arfeen has a lot of great concepts and tools to ensure that you have a better chance of making your goals. In addition, he makes it clear that goal setting doesn't come first, identity and value setting comes first. In that, you may have the best goals, but it you yourself are not correctly aligned towards it, then you may achieve the goal and get back to square one in no time. Eg. Think about all those people who suddenly became rich by winning a lottery only to lose it all after a few years.

    He has definitely changed many people' lives and has the ability to inspire. So to summarize, its all about learning and development. This is a seminar, a chance to learn something new and meet goal oriented and motivated people. At the end of it all, even if your take away is 5% and have a new perspective of things, its worth it. The key is persistence towards your goals..

    I hope that answers your questions. Do let me know if you have any others!

  5. I am a performer but I always had this public fear, but by the end of the day when the music was
    on, nobody called me, I myself came on this podium and I just danced and freaked out like hell
    and I enjoyed it, I see myself changed and with this transformation I am going back home and so
    I think that this is success, Thank You So Much Arfeen.